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Delivering Our Sustainability Commitment

In every endeavour we embark upon, sustainability has consistently been at the forefront of our mind. At SIRCLO Group, we are committed to enabling the growth of individuals and businesses through digitalisation.

In reference to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we present to you, the first Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report of SIRCLO Group.

In pursuit of supporting the attainment of SDGs, we are determined to conduct all of our business activities in a sustainable manner–from upstream to downstream. This report summarises our initial efforts in delivering our commitment to transparency and our responsibility to the public.

We incorporate the value of sustainability into four (4) key pillars that serve as the fundamental guiding principles for SIRCLO in all implemented initiatives and policies. Referring to the SDGs, all of the pillars on which we focus on have a holistic impact on the stakeholders we serve.

What Does This Publication Entail?




A comprehensive report on SIRCLO Group’s commitment towards ESG points in accordance with the GRI.

An overview of SIRCLO Group’s initiatives to deliver sustainable impact within its organisation.

A summary of SIRCLO Group’s impact on Indonesian MSMEs, in line with  the United Nation’s SDGs framework.

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