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Navigating Indonesia’s E-Commerce: Omnichannel as the Future of Retail

Indonesia’s digital economy has been one of the most prominent growing markets worldwide, especially accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic that has made e-commerce a necessity.

Using primary research and extensive sources, this report will navigate readers to further understand the latest development of Indonesia's e-commerce landscape.

In a world with and after the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia’s retail will no longer entail two separate worlds; online and offline. Instead, brands will soon require to integrate their online and offline business under a united ecosystem using the omnichannel strategy.

Plenty of existing research has covered the shift of consumer behaviour  and the impact on ecosystem players in the e-commerce industry amid the pandemic. In this publication, SIRCLO and Katadata Insight Center map out what’s next for Indonesia’s e-commerce through learnings that capture the latest consumer behaviour trends, in addition to the role that policymakers and e-commerce enablers play in reviving the nation’s economy for a better future.

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