Navigating Market Opportunities In Indonesia’s E-Commerce
E-Commerce is one of the key sectors of Indonesia's digital economy that is rapidly growing in size. Using data from extensive market research, expert interviews and existing publications; this report will help readers to navigate Indonesia’s e-commerce opportunities by looking closely into the industry’s market, as well as the strategic roles held by key players to stimulate the nation’s digital economy.

Existing reports have captured the immense potential of Indonesia’s e-commerce as Southeast Asia’s biggest economy, backed by the recent shift in consumers’ spending patterns towards online purchases. In this publication, SIRCLO and Ravenry map out what’s next for Indonesia’s e-commerce by outlining the supporting key factors to ensure the growth of the industry.

What You Will Gain:

  1. Substantial data on the e-commerce growth in Indonesia and e-commerce adoption trends by retail brands.
  2. An overview of Indonesian retail customers’ online shopping behaviour, using data from 747 respondents.
  3. In-depth analysis of the prevailing challenges and opportunities in Indonesia’s e-commerce, including the strategic role held by e-commerce enablers in the landscape.

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