Warung Pintar Sustainability Report 2022

Social impact has long been recognised as a key catalyst of Warung Pintar’s growth. To ensure its long-term impact to the welfare of warung owners, Warung Pintar developed a set of metrics to quantify the footprint of its end-to-end business performance, with an emphasis on the significant influence that its solutions bring to their livelihood.

In broad strokes, this Sustainability Report outlines Warung Pintar’s social impact throughout the year of 2021. There are three major pillars on which we base our assessment of the social impact on our key initiatives: efficiency, prosperity, and inclusion, each with its range of indicators.

What You Will Gain:

  1. A look at the advancement among a sample of 399 warung owners who have opted for Warung Pintar’s solutions.
  2. How Warung Pintar’s products and services assist warung owners to improve their businesses’ efficiency, economic prosperity, and inclusivity.
  3. Warung Pintar’s efforts to align every social impact-based initiative with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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