SIRCLO Group Impact Report 2022: Empowering MSMEs through Digital Integration

In keeping with our commitment of running a sustainable business, we released a report entitled “Empowering MSMEs through Digital Integration” in regards to embracing the accomplishments of MSMEs as part of SIRCLO Group’s ecosystems. This report underlines the four sustainability pillars that SIRCLO Group highly values, from Business, Socioeconomics, Inclusivity, to Environment.

We mark this report as a commencement of consistently promoting the impact of SIRCLO Group in the forthcoming years by virtue of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Furthermore, we leverage this report as a catalyst for our reflection to continuously enhance our solutions that address the most prevalent challenges suchlike financial, business, and digital literacy.

What you will obtain:

  1. The number of MSME actors who were digitally adapted surged by 67%.
  2. The SIRCLO Group-driven use of technology produced 30% higher business efficiencies in terms of goods fulfilment, sales, and order processes, all of which helped to improve turnover by an average of 34% from the previous year.
  3. In terms of inclusivity, female MSME owners in the SIRCLO Group reached 65% with a 71-fold increase from 2021 and 0.71% of new MSME owners were people with disabilities.
  4. Numerous environmental programmes, particularly those involving waste management and commitments to monitor carbon footprint.

Download Report Here (EN)

Download Report Here (ID)