February 26, 2021What started as an alternative medium to buy sanitization products without the risks of leaving the house, e-commerce has started to occupy the top of mind of Indonesian consumers across the archipelago. (...)
January 29, 2021After almost a full year of battling the unseen virus, one collective aspect that many of us wish for better odds of is a recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of that, (...)
December 30, 2020This year, whether we were ready or not, COVID-19 has put our swiftness and adaptability to the test. Following several news announcements, nations were fighting an invisible enemy that forced a safe distance between us all, (...)
November 20, 2020Indonesia’s recent Singles’ Day (11.11) was again met with a merry number of online transactions, signaling that the online traffic sees no red light and is taking off to greater heights. (...)
October 27, 2020October marks another month of e-commerce marketplace festivities that are often met with enthusiastic fanfare from the Indonesian market since 2016; the 10:10 Festival. (...)
September 15, 2020Celebrations and festivals have widely been received with much enthusiasm; particularly the collectivism value within Asian countries has been one of the driving factors behind their fondness of festivals. (...)
Agustus 6, 2020In 2019, e-commerce accounted for more than half of the digital economy in Indonesia with its US$21 billion contribution to the overall economy. (...)
July 7, 2020Indonesia’s e-commerce landscape has faced exponential growth, strongly driven by the nation’s consumptive patterns. In 2019, the country’s internet users amounted to 135 million people who spend an average of 8.5 hours online daily. (...)
June 15, 2020Social media is peaking in China with the number of active users almost doubled from 653 million in 2016 to 1 billion in 2020. Similarly, Indonesia is also experiencing similar growth trends, (...)
June 5, 2020On April 23rd, 2020, the crescent moon filled the night sky to begin the holy month of Ramadan that is commonly filled with the warmth of gatherings, forgiveness, giving, and extending a helping hand to those in need.  (...)
May 27, 2020The beauty industry has always been famous for its accommodating retail stores. Each outlet is usually completed with sales women who show their kind smiles as they offer samples and (...)
April 20, 2020The COVID-19 outbreak that started affecting a single nation has now heartbreakingly spread globally. Governments all over the world have been met with differing challenges in their efforts to regain (...)
March 31, 2020As of 2nd of March, coronavirus (COVID-19) has now officially penetrated Indonesia. This was confirmed by Indonesia’s President, Jokowi as he announced the first two confirmed COVID-19 cases in (...)
February 11, 2020The Indonesian e-commerce industry has enjoyed a strong growth streak in the past few years. While much of the growth has been concentrated within the island of Java, e-commerce players are starting (...)