(ID) Menilik Lanskap Womenpreneur Indonesia 2022

June 8, 2022

Comprising almost half of Indonesia’s MSMEs, women-owned businesses come as a remarkable breakthrough. Women’s growing participation in the entrepreneurial landscape has proven to play a significant role in driving the nation’s economy while elevating their personal, relational, and economic capabilities more broadly. 

In numerous aspects, Indonesian womenpreneurs hold a pivotal role in elevating the livelihood of their families; whilst possessing strong survival skills whilst facing everyday obstacles, including managing their business despite having limited access to resources that could increase their capacity. 

In collaboration with JakPat, this research examines the characteristics of womenpreneurs in Indonesia. From the standpoint of female brand and warung owners, as well as micro-influencers, the report outlines the challenges and potentials faced by womenpreneurs and concludes by offering concrete recommendations to empower them further.

What You Will Gain: