Unveiling the Enchanting Allure of Momfluencers

June 27, 2023

In Indonesia, there has been an increase in the prominence of influencer marketing, repleted with individuals seeking to seize the opportunity and ride the crest of this wave.

The primary factor contributing to this expansion entails the remarkably swift rate at which social media is embraced in the country. As of January 2023, Indonesia boasted a staggering 167 million social media users, representing 60.4% of its total population.1

Another noteworthy observation is that a significant majority of Indonesians demonstrate a preference for influencer accounts as opposed to brand accounts.2 It arises from their ability to obtain extensive yet perceived genuine information from influencers, which may resonate on a personal level.


of Indonesian social media users exhibit a heightened interest to seek more information after consuming influencer-generated content. 3 

Given the prevailing tendency, it is imperative for brands to leverage the role of social media influencers in order to effectively market its products or services.

“A significant majority of Indonesians demonstrate a preference for influencer accounts as opposed to brand accounts due to their capacity to obtain extensive yet genuine information from influencers.”

Moms as Today’s Super Consumers

The adoption of digital technologies, driven by the pandemic, has led to a surge in the consumption of short-form content and videos, thereby expediting the growth of the nation’s creator economy, most particularly in the realm of social commerce.


of consumers residing in urban areas have become accustomed to use social commerce.4


of female millennials, including moms, are leading the curve. 

As key decision-makers in 85% of household expenditures,5 moms become an indispensable target audience that necessitates powerful yet efficacious persuasion strategies. They emerge as a significant focal point, not solely due to their impressive purchasing capacity, but also due to their remarkable ability to exert influence on others.

Worth-Noting Shopping Behaviour of Moms:

according to research conducted by Orami (Part of SIRCLO Group).6

The frequency of making online purchases ranges from 1 to 3 times per month.

Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, Orami, and TikTok Shop are the most preferred marketplaces.

Moms typically engage in online shopping in the evening, specifically between 6 PM and 12 AM.

Promotion is a significant factor that influences a mom's shopping preference.

Impulsive buying is a common behaviour found among moms.

Most popular categories include children’s necessities, household essentials, cosmetics, and skincare products.

From Moms, to Moms

In a fast-paced world where marketing messages surround us at every turn, brands should gracefully acclimatise themselves to the ever-evolving trends, particularly in attracting the hearts of moms as super consumers.

The need to connect with moms on a personal level, offering content that is genuine and intimate, has never been more important. Hence, among the effective methods to achieve this objective is by engaging with momfluencers, who tend to display the willingness of openly sharing their experiences in an authentic manner, without concealing any detail. 

The Other Why(s)


with Social Networking

Moms, particularly millennial moms, spend 17 hours per week on social media.7

Highly-Engaged Audience

from the Get-Go

Their followers trust them and are more likely to notice when they post about a product or service.8

Aspiring to Be

Financially Independent

85% of stay-at-home moms aspire to be productive and financially independent.9

Despite their enormous appeal among specific audiences, momfluencers have the ability to explore topic areas beyond mom and baby.

They are not only attracting the attention of fellow mothers, but also extend well beyond, reaching a varied range of demographics.

IbuSibuk for Brands: Facilitating Brands and Momfluencers to Go Beyond — All at Once

At SIRCLO Group, we present IbuSibuk for Brands to facilitate brands in running highly-targeted marketing campaigns. Our objective is to foster a connection between brands and their intended audience, optimising the vast influence of our extensive community of mothers across Indonesia.

What set IbuSibuk apart from the rest?

Insights from IbuSibuk Momfluencers:

Nana Lutfiana

Being a member of IbuSibuk provides me with a sense of stability and mental well-being in the midst of my daily schedule. I am now able to actively interact with a lot of passionate moms. Who would have imagined that social media could actually bring in some extra cash?

Tiara Puspita Rini

IbuSibuk offers mothers the unique chance to effortlessly generate additional revenue from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to connect with fellow mothers, I have the opportunity to partake in workshops that cover essential skills, such as public speaking and personal branding.

Insights from Brand Owners:

ION E-Bike

Rose Brand


With more than 80,000 moms in IbuSibuk's ecosystem today, we gather several reasons that attract mothers to become momfluencers; be it to bolster their self-esteem and attain a greater sense of empowerment, contribute to the financial stability of their families, convert their leisure time into productive tasks, or sharing positive energy within the community of fellow mothers.

In light of these purposes and the support of technology, the occupation of momfluencers can be considered a viable career option for moms who are simultaneously managing their personal and professional responsibilities.

At the same time, brands may have the opportunity to collaborate with momfluencers as an extension hand of their marketing efforts. Although it is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, it can be taken into account considering its huge potential.

Discover the power of connecting with this vibrant community and elevate your brand’s presence like never before. Visit our website today and connect with our dedicated team at ibusibuk.orami.co.id/brand to find out how we can propel your brand's reach and sales.


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