November 22, 2023Indonesia is ranked among the top five countries globally with the highest online purchases in 2022. The impact of social media on reshaping the online shopping landscape in the country cannot be overstated (...)
June 27, 2023In Indonesia, there has been a noticeable increase in the prominence of influencer marketing, repleted with individuals seeking to seize the opportunity and ride the crest of this wave. (...)
April 3, 2023

Indonesia’s reputation as a prominent nation is largely attributed to the significant expansion of its digital market over time. Despite the current economic recession, there is a concurrent phenomenon of digitalisation (...)

November 18, 2022Warungs are synonymous with Indonesia’s topography, lifestyle and business landscape. Today, there are more than 64 million warungs, which employ over 97% of the labour force of the country. (...)
October 31, 2022According to Statista, Indonesia is currently the ninth-largest e-commerce market in the world, with expected sales of US$59 billion by the end of  2022. By 2025, a market volume of US$90.19 billion is predicted (...)
July 28, 2022Having begun its journey from a commitment to help local businesses in building web stores, this July marks SIRCLO’s nine-year voyage (...)
June 30, 2022As Southeast Asia’s largest market, Indonesia’s retail industry is undoubtedly sizeable. The Indonesian retail market is worth an estimated USD 282 billion; of this number, (...)
May 31, 2022Digital Payment Landscape in Indonesia With a sizeable population of 279 million, Indonesia is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world for mobile payments. (...)
April 29, 2022Consumer Patterns during Ramadan For the first time in two years, the Indonesian government has lifted the ban on mudik—a mass homebound tradition that marks the annual Ramadan and Eid al Fitr (...)
February 28, 2022In recent years, “new retail” has become one of the hottest buzzwords among retail industry players. This term was coined back in 2016 by Jack Ma, founder of Chinese tech titan Alibaba, (...)
January 31, 2022Social commerce is not a novel idea. In fact, social media companies have been chasing the dream of social commerce for years. (...)
December 29, 2021Looking back on 2021, we have witnessed Indonesia’s digital boom. There is significant growth in the number of consumers who are looking to the digital realm for shopping, for everything from day-to-day necessities to (...)
November 26, 2021In the past years, November 11 (11.11) is regarded as one of Indonesia’s most anticipated days. Countless tempting bargains were made (...)
October 29, 2021In the past year, Indonesia’s e-commerce industry has faced tremendous growth, making it a strong force in the country’s economic recovery following the latest COVID-19 restrictions. (...)
September 29, 2021The digital realm has undoubtedly provided a space for trade to happen without even a minute of pause, surpassing the limitations of time and geographical space. Among the many channels available and (...)
July 28, 2021This July 2021, a tech startup that was initiated by three purposeful people blew the candles for its 8th year of pursuing the mission to help brands sell online. Standing its ground in the face of adversity and (...)
May 31, 2021A year ago, it was evident that Ramadan festivities had gone online. This year, our findings suggest the Ramadan season has created a new space in the online realm. (...)